Working to a Brief Project Plan

My first college project of the year is to work to a brief. I will be uploading screenshots in time of my development of the project which is basically to model trash using 3ds Max software. On completion of the project, I will be uploading my diary log of the project in the form of a SlideShare presentation. Below, I have uploaded an image of my Gantt chart which shows how I plan to complete the project. I have also uploaded my reference image to show what I’m aiming for in my final model.

Project Plan for Unit 5 - Working to a Brief

Project Plan for Unit 5 – Working to a Brief

Final Image

Final Image

2013-09-23 09.42.45



Thank you to everyone viewing my blog (especially to those following)… now reached over 1000 views. I apologize for not uploading any work recently. I’m currently working on a summer project and once the summer holidays are over, I will be back to posting regularly. I should have plenty to put up once college is going again xx

Latest Work

Hi guys, I know I haven’t been posting lately but I’ve been very busy working on a website for a horse riding company and I’ve finally finished. Check out the link and if you or anyone you know likes horse riding and you’re visiting the area, come for a ride. We’re looking to boost business for the centre as it is now under new management.