College Showreel

The link below goes to my Youtube page where I have just posted a show reel of some of my work. This was created in After Effects, which I taught myself from scratch. Not bad for my first project using this software and will be looking at using After Effects more.


3D – The Basics

My 3D modelling theory assignment basically talks about the application of 3D, displaying 3D polygon animations, geometric theory, mesh construction, 3D development software and constraints of 3D modelling.

3D – the basics

Mech Assignment – 3ds Max

Our task to create a believable, mechanical, digital 3D model to be used as a worthwhile asset in a computer game. We had to create a mech model that was positioned in a scene with suitable lighting and used appropriate textures.

Mood board for mech project.

Mood Board for Mech Project.

As with all assignments, I had to start off with planning the project before progressing onto the modelling. This time, I chose to place more focus on the planning as I feel that the planning of previous assignments may have left something to be desired. As usual, I started off with a mood board. With this board, i was aiming to get across the fact that I have chosen to base my mech on a wolf. I also wanted to show the basic colour scheme and put the idea of metal across.

Final Render of Completed Mech.

Final Render of Completed Mech.