FMP – Mood Board

I’ve recently started considering what I would like to create for my final project at college so I’m currently in the process of making notes and putting together different designs. I have chosen to do an oriental theme for my game; however, I can’t decide whether to do a puzzle game or a fantasy open-world game. I’ll be posting different things as I work through the design process but for now, I’ve started off with a mood board for the oriental design.

Oriental Mood Board

Oriental Mood Board


College Showreel

The link below goes to my Youtube page where I have just posted a show reel of some of my work. This was created in After Effects, which I taught myself from scratch. Not bad for my first project using this software and will be looking at using After Effects more.

3D – The Basics

My 3D modelling theory assignment basically talks about the application of 3D, displaying 3D polygon animations, geometric theory, mesh construction, 3D development software and constraints of 3D modelling.

3D – the basics

The Purpose of Concept Art

The attached PDF is my assignment written for Unit 69: Concept Art that received Distinction.

I know that a lot of people are interested in reading up about gaming topics so if you are interested, click the link below and enjoy!

The Purpose of Concept Art

Photoshop – Mood Boards

I’ve currently started a new project that involves creating a 2D environment using Flash. This involves planning out the levels digitally and on paper, using sprite art techniques to create characters and designing tile sets. We have to build a total of 3 different platforms. These are just two of the mood boards I have designed; one for each world.

Mood board to Represent a Stables Theme

Mood board to Represent a Stables Theme

Industrial Mood board

Industrial Mood board