Up and Running!

Hello everyone. My apologies for being away for so long. With summer over, I’m now at Plymouth College of Art studying a BA Design for Games.

I’m going to be continuing with this blog again now that I’ll be doing my assignments.

Keep an eye out for posts which will be starting up by the end of November.


FMP – Mood Board 2

I’ve created another mood board for my oriental theme for my final project. This time, I tried to add the idea of a puzzle theme and put it across. I think I will be using this board as my finalized mood board as I like the styling more and it relates more to the themes I want to look at.

orientalboard2 copy

FMP – Mood Board

I’ve recently started considering what I would like to create for my final project at college so I’m currently in the process of making notes and putting together different designs. I have chosen to do an oriental theme for my game; however, I can’t decide whether to do a puzzle game or a fantasy open-world game. I’ll be posting different things as I work through the design process but for now, I’ve started off with a mood board for the oriental design.

Oriental Mood Board

Oriental Mood Board

College Showreel

The link below goes to my Youtube page where I have just posted a show reel of some of my work. This was created in After Effects, which I taught myself from scratch. Not bad for my first project using this software and will be looking at using After Effects more.


Working to a Brief Project Plan

My first college project of the year is to work to a brief. I will be uploading screenshots in time of my development of the project which is basically to model trash using 3ds Max software. On completion of the project, I will be uploading my diary log of the project in the form of a SlideShare presentation. Below, I have uploaded an image of my Gantt chart which shows how I plan to complete the project. I have also uploaded my reference image to show what I’m aiming for in my final model.

Project Plan for Unit 5 - Working to a Brief

Project Plan for Unit 5 – Working to a Brief

Final Image

Final Image

2013-09-23 09.42.45